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5G, the next generation in cellular technology, is transformative in a way that similar to the introduction of cellular technology. It is transformative, from the way the networks delivering 5G are architected to the kinds of services and applications that can be delivered across those newly designed networks.

  • Bandwidth - Facebook Live, Netflix, You Tube, videos of Cats, HD, 4K UHD and the overwhelming reliance of graphics and video in social media, continue to make increasing demands on the network in terms of the data that needs to be supported and the speeds at which they have to be serviced.

  • Capacity - The explosion of mobile devices along with billions of IoT devices have an exponential effect on the nodes that mobile networks will have to support.

  • Latency - Live streaming in 4K UHD, AR/VR, tele medicine and autonomous driving are some the applications that have very specific latency demands on the network. The network would have to deliver sub 10ms latency for most of these applications.

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