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The World is getting smarter and more connected. With the recent epidemic, new challenges have emerged and innovative solutions are being sought. The way we communicate, shop, travel, work and educate ourselves have been transformed. From the smart phone in your purse or pocket to the smart watch on your hand or the smart car you may drive and the many smart devices we use in our day to day life, the internet of things has arrived without us having realized it. Alex and Siri send data about us and the acres of serves at Google and Facebook dissect, analyze and segment our lives into actionable insights about us. 

Along the way we have gone from requiring siloed needs to end to end solutions. As a result, our products are only as good as the ecosystems that they plug into or support as they deliver end to end solutions. IoT, 5G and cellular infrastructure are no longer mere standalone products. IoT implementations require a complex set of sensors, platforms, connectivity elements, cloud components, analytics and AI engines. To successfully deliver effective domain specific use cases, one requires robust ecosystem partners to combine best in class products for effective solutions. NxtGen Technologies, brings together various technology providers, service providers, operators and system integrators as a one stop shop to collaboratively deliver cost effective solutions. Our ecosystem platform facilitates direct feedback and guidance from customers and industry consultants to help shape product roadmaps/partnership strategies and provides access to raise capital and other services, particularly for startups. 




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