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Did you think Corona and high speed broadband would be used in the same sentence?

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

The current global pandemic has taught us a couple of things. One, that we do not necessarily have to be in an office and face to face with our colleagues to be productive and accomplish our missions. This has of course led to our reliance on high speed broadband. High speed broadband, even in developing countries with poor broadband infrastructure is easily available in metropolitan areas. However, you move away from the maddening crowds as many have tried, be it to your rural communities, far flung hometowns or even those road trips, and broadband becomes an issue. Planes, trains and automobiles have given way to the internet super highway. More than that Tesla in your garage or the proximity to a metro station, what consumers are beginning to look for are fibre to the curb, high speed satellite link or perhaps even the availability of a reliable (?) 5G MiFi connection. Gone are the days of the odd Netflix movie that you don't mind streaming (even if it is 320p) when you are too lazy to go to a theater. Your network today needs to be able to support 4 concurrent zoom sessions and perhaps the odd Netflix movie/show running in the background with 1080p clarity! Perhaps if your internet is down, all you can do is enjoy a corona!

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